Post-Op Instructions after Surgical Removal of Teeth

Post-Op Instructions for Surgical Removal of Teeth

Immediately following surgery:

• Bite firmly on the gauze pads covering each extraction site to help stop the bleeding. We will change the gauze pads before you leave the office. You may change the gauze pads once more at home, leaving guaze in 30 additional minutes. Remember to remove gauze before eating or drinking.

• You may have difficulty feeling your lips, cheeks or tongue due to numbness. This is a temporary feeling and will wear off within 2 to 6 hours. Please take care not to bite your lips, cheeks or tongue.

• Apply ice packs on your face – 20-30 minutes at a time, near to the extraction site with gentle pressure to reduce swelling for the first 1 - 2 hours after surgery. Ice should not be used after the first 24 hours.

• Take pain medications as prescribed as soon as possible.

• Do not rinse or spit the day of the surgery, as this may prolong the bleeding. Avoid touching or disturbing the wound area on the day of surgery for doing so may initiate bleeding which will prolong the necessary use of the gauze pads.

• Do not take hot food or hot beverages for 24 hours only.

• Do not give any kind of hot pack to the extraction site externally or internally.

• Do not move your jaw excessively for 24 hours. Minimal mouth opening important is advised.

• Rest is the order of the day.

• Kindly start rinsing with salt in lukewarm water regularly 24 hours AFTER the procedure.

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